Sunday, 2 November 2008

Dancing the night away

Last Sunday night, we went to the ball. It's taken me a while to blog about this, but I thought that an event like this needed time to get it right. I had bought the dress, planned my afternoon so we would make it in time for pre-ball drinks at The Brewery next door, and then we were ready. The theme was A Night at the Oscars and the venue was Te Papa, overlooking Wellington's waterfront.

What a night. There's something really special about getting dressed up to the nines and having a night out with friends. The food was pretty good this year, with a selection of lamb, chicken, and venison dishes and salads, then tiramisu for dessert. Being a dance event, it was so lovely to have continuous music and a big dance floor which was constantly full.

Now, I am about to solve one of life's mysteries. Men have long asked the question to which there is apparently no answer: "why do women go to the bathroom in groups?". Well, guys, although we ladies lead you to believe otherwise, there is an answer and, luckily for you, today I am going to break the code of silence and share it. The reason women go to the bathroom in groups is because there is a mega help centre there, and I used it on the night of the ball. I was in the midst of a Bad Hair Night and set off to see if I could remedy it. As I stood in front of the mirror randomly pulling out hair clips and wondering what to do with the resulting mess (and no hair products available), an angel spoke to me. "How about a French twist?" she said. "I don't know how to do one," I replied. Before I knew it, the angel had my hair clips in her hands and her fingers performed a miracle; within 30 seconds I had a stunning French twist. Voila!

We danced the night away and afterwards ended up listening to a jazzed up Irish band from Brisbane playing at Hummingbird until 2am. Thankfully, the next day (Monday) was Labour Day so we could sleep in and take it easy. This was a goal I was really excited about and looking forward to for a while: #29 - Dance at a formal ball.


Random Thoughts said...

I have always heard the french twist is fairly easy to do as a hairdo but I also don't know how. I have a formal event next week and wish I knew a fancier hairdo than the ponytail. Oh well...

Sab said...

Ooh! Sounds lovely!