Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Paul McCartney - In Red Square

I've been loaned some music DVDs and am in the process of putting some onto my iPod, whenever Handbrake behaves itself.

One DVD I have particularly been looking forward to watching is Paul McCartney - In Red Square. Paul has always been my favourite Beatle (everybody's got to have one), although I firmly believe that The Beatles were strongest when they worked as a single unit, instead of as a group of individuals. Tonight, I sat down with Paul and was transported to the excitement of Russia, beneath the former Iron Curtain.

Wow, what a concert. Not only was it a wonderful celebration of Beatles and McCartney music, with the band staying faithful to the original keys and solos, but the commentary in between each song genuinely added to the full concert experience, rather than serving as a distraction. Despite the hype, there is no doubt that the influence The Beatles had on Russian youth rebellion was phenomenal, evident in the huge crowds at the concerts in Red Square and St Petersburg.

Nineteen songs are included in the first concert, with eleven played during in the second. Naturally, "Back in the USSR" made some repeat appearances, but I was also pleased to hear some of my favourites: "Penny Lane", "Got to Get You Into my Life", "Get Back", "Live and Let Die", and a rare performance of "She's Leaving Home".

Really enjoyable, if you're a Paul fan like me. I've added him to the list of musicians I'd try to see even if they only came to another New Zealand city.


Kelly said...

Paul is my favourite Beatle too :P

Anonymous said...

Mine too! LOL

Nisha said...

haha, ditto! will definitely have to check that one out sometime! :)