Monday, 17 November 2008

High Society

I am in a nostalgic mood tonight. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the moon, or something in the water? ;-)

I'm sitting at home watching High Society (1956) on TCM - something which has surprised even myself. I've started watching this movie before, but never finished it. I used to watch old black and white movies with my grandmother when I went to her house on Sunday afternoons as a child. I never really enjoyed them, and to this day can't remember one we watched, but very occasionally I feel like in the mood to reminisce and watch something from this era. I guess tonight's the night.

High Society stars Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly (in her last movie), and Frank Sinatra, all in their prime. There are some great musical interludes by Louis Armstrong and his band (playing as themselves). I didn't realise that this movie featured Cole Porter's song "Well, Did You Evah", sung by Crosby and Sinatra, so that was a nice surprise for me. It turns out the song was added at the last minute, once it was realised that there were no duets featuring the two artists singing together. Very enjoyable.

All in all, a pleasant and nostalgic evening.

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Donna said...

I absolutely love older movies like that! I've never seen this one before. But thanks! Next time I see it on tv I'll either watch it or tivo it!!!