Sunday, 16 November 2008

Lie in a hammock

We got back from our holiday on Friday night and had a very lazy day on Saturday. Temperatures here are about 10 degrees Celsius lower than on the Gold Coast, but summer is definitely on its way. :-)

We went to a friend's housewarming barbeque last night. It was quite windy and cool, so we gave up eating outside. After dinner, my sweetie and our friend challenged each other to a swingball dual on the back lawn and, as the wind picked up even further, I discovered a piece of heaven in a sheltered corner of the back yard: a hammock tied between two branches of a big old tree. So, I achieved an impromptu goal tonight: #74 - Lie in a hammock. Ahhh. 15 minutes of bliss. :-)


Kelly said...

Your holiday sounded awesome - hope it was what you needed to recharge your batteries after a very busy year thus far.

It's been unbearably hot here in Hamilton the last few days. I loathe the heat so have been in a permanent state of grumpy. I'm looking forward to next winter already.

Kellee said...

I think 15 minutes in a hammock is exactly what you need after spending a week on the Gold Coast :)