Saturday, 31 January 2009

And the winner is ...

Occasionally, in amongst all the doom and gloom we see and hear in the news each day, something so ridiculous turns up that one can't help but wondering at other people's stupidity. This happened earlier this week, when two prisoners escaped from a police escort through a side door at the district court. All well and good, except they were handcuffed together, and hadn't quite worked out some vital details.

It would appear that their communication and decision making skills were not quite in sync:
"Their break for freedom came to an embarrassing end when they chose to run on different sides of a lamp-post. They swung around the pole and collided with each other before collapsing in a tangle. Each blamed the other for their actions."
Their escape bid was made even more shameful when they were caught on closed circuit tv, and the video was promptly posted on YouTube, as well as on the news and a news site.

Read the full story here.

Thanks, guys. You win the award for "stupidest and most comedic recent escape attempt".


transplantedmagnolia said...

that is too funny. Like something you would see out of a cartoon. Thanks for the laugh. I so needed it.

Sab said...

Hilarious! That totally made my day!

Kellee said...

Perfect Monday morning medicine. Thankyou :)