Sunday, 4 January 2009

Like riding a bicycle

They say you never forget how. They didn't say anything about how well you'll actually remember, though.

Today, I rode my new bike for the first time. I couldn't find a purple helmet so had to make do with a white one with blue butterflies on it (the only non-pink ladies' helmet I could find). I'd planned a short ride of a few km on the flat, and it took some of that time getting used to riding again.

Let me fill in the picture here ... the last time I rode a bike that wasn't stationary was about ten years ago, and that ended in one too many heated arguments with the ex. Prior to that, it was probably another ten years. Put it this way: I've never ridden a bike that's had more than three gears; stepping up to eighteen will take some getting used to.

I'd heard that gel seats are softer and more comfy. Ha! Hopefully it will soften up (or I will harden up) over time. Nevertheless, I'm getting the hang of it; I'll just need some more practice riding after so long. I have one more week of my summer holiday left, so am keen to get into a routine which makes this an ongoing goal: #94 - Ride a bike.


Anonymous said...

It will get better. Have you looked online for a purple helmet? I'll be glad to keep my eyes out in the stores here for one!

Kellee said...

I am sooo with you about the seats. I think my sit bones must be bruised from my epic ride :( Surely it cant get worse :)

Random Thoughts said...

I am so happy (and a wee bit jealous) to hear you are riding! It's great I love it! The gears well they will get easier to use, but for the most part riding flat require just a gear or two you are comfortable pedaling in. Your sit upon... It will get easier and the gel seat is a rumor! The truth is, the smaller seats are more cozy (less to bruise) The most comfortable seat out there (so says the people who bicycle tour countries)is pricey and not made of gel it is Brooks B-17 - check it out, and keep riding!

Sab said...

My butt still hurts when I ride too! Although I have my mil's old bike, and her seat was NOT to my liking. Hubby figures I should just get a new bike too! Sounds like you had fun though! Good luck with the sore rear! ;)

Kelly said...

Oh you are so brave! I am so scared of the traffic (I have a fear of getting wiped out by a truck) that I will always be an exercycle kinda girl.