Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Fringe 09

The Fringe Festival is about to start in Wellington. Until the end of February, I am going to be a Fringe addict, indulging in the mixed bag of music, the arts, theatre, drama, and comedy that Fringe offers each year. Almost anything goes at Fringe. Events and shows range from those performed by newcomers, recent drama school graduates, one person dramas, whole cast ensembles, amateurs, professionals, and everyone in between. This results in extremes; I have been to some embarrassingly bad performances, but also some of the best (and funniest) shows I've ever seen during previous Fringe Festivals.

There are about six shows I like the look of, so that makes a Fringe addict card ($15) incredibly worthwhile, as it brings the costs of most events down to $10-12. Even acts by The Improvisors are heavily discounted. I am really looking forward to their show Improv - Secondary School Musical, an improvised comedic take on High School Musical (2006). We also hope to join them on their walking tour, Jackson Street - The Short and Incomplete History of a Very Long Street. I'm also hoping to catch my third Strike Percussion show, Strike Soundsystem, a one-off performance. I'll keep you posted!

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Kelly said...

I saw a Strike Percussion performance on a high school class trip to Welly one year - awesome! So jealous you get to see them again.