Wednesday, 25 February 2009

When life gives you lemons

My sweetie and I have both been given lemons lately. In fact, today we were each given a whole bag, quite out of the blue. (You know I'm speaking metaphorically, right?)

They say that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. (Once again, who are "they"? They have a lot to say.) And so now we need to make lemonade. Lots of it. It's either that, or we'll end up totally bitter ingesting our lemons. It's not always easy, though, turning negative situations into something positive. Luckily we're here to support each other in the process.

We certainly have enough lemons to make lemonade. But what will our lemonade taste like? How will we make it? How do we get started? And when do we start planning to throw our lemonade party?

It's hard facing down the barrel of so much uncertainty. My work situation has been dodgy for a while, and another prospect closed for me today, but my sweetie's was always considered 'safe'; this has now changed. I usually try to make a conscious effort to put a positive spin on negative situations; it's not easy, but I've certainly improved in recent years. So, here I am trying to find a positive way through our current job situation. I know we'll get there, but it just might take a little time yet before we're ready to throw that lemonade party.


Kelly said...

I can totally sympathise. Last year was total bollocks for my partner and I on the job/financial front and mega stressy. And just think how good that lemonade is going to taste when you survive this life hiccup and prosper.

And if your lemonade doesnt taste so good - bust out the tequila and salt :P :P :P

transplantedmagnolia said...

i know exactly where you are coming from!!! i moved to California from Louisiana and the job situation took a month before I found anything. then there was the incident with my foot. I'm now stuck looking for another job and it's been almost a month. But it's all going to get better,
For all of us! Keep working on the lemonade and I know something great will come out of it. And when you do, will you share the recipe?? :)

Sab said...

Good luck with that lemonade... I'm still working on trying to do the same with all the lemons I've gotten... I usually cry a whole lot before I can even think 'lemonade'.

I hope your job situation gets a lot better!

Random Thoughts said...

When life gives you lemons..... oh how crappy that is. Take a day or two and then decide what your options are... lemonade is not the only option, there are so many recipes in life, what one is right for you?