Sunday, 8 February 2009

Jackson Street - The Short and Incomplete History of a Very Long Street

We went to our first proper Fringe 09 event this morning. By 'proper', I should point out that we went to the Wellington Comedy Club on Thursday night. It's supported by the Fringe Festival (ie two-for-one tickets with a Fringe addict card), but Fringe officially started on Friday. The headline comedian, Benjamin Crellin, was funny; the other two comedians first up and the MC were average at best.

Jackson Street - The Short and Incomplete History of a Very Long Street is a walking tour taken by two members of The Improvisors, an improv comedy/theatresports group based in Wellington. Being literally around the corner from here and, even better, entry by donation, we would have been silly to miss it.

Nearly 50 people followed 'Ross' and 'Matthew', our walking tour guides, up and down Jackson Street, the main road in Petone. We were entertained and informed by little known facts about the area and various streets and landmarks along the way. The facts are little known because, largely, they have been completely made up, or the tiny bit of truth in them is has been somewhat stretched and therefore is hard to find. These were interspersed by various theatresport games, like Word at a Time, Emotional Rollercoaster, and Alphabet (using the Maori alphabet).

As always, The Improvisors put on an great show. Their type of improvised humour, interchanged among the cast and reacting to audience participation, always makes for hilarity and entertainment. We are looking forward to their next show in a couple of weeks' time, Improv - The Secondary School Musical.


Kellee said...

I've always wanted to watch an improv show. It really is an extra special comedy gift. Going to have to look into that :)

Sab said...

That sounds like such fun! I'd love to see an improv! I remember doing them in school, and you really have to have a knack for it.