Thursday, 5 February 2009

Sevens parade

The Wellington leg of the International Sevens is on tomorrow and Saturday. This is always a huge party; some people even watch the rugby! The question everyone is asking is "are you going to the sevens?", followed by "what are you going as?" (if the answer is "yes"). You see, it's not the done thing to go as yourself. Oh no. Check out the pics of us from last year's sevens.

Wellington is very much a party city. Everyone gets into the spirit of something or another, and February is a bumper month for events and activities, including many that are free (or very affordable). Alas, we weren't able to get tickets for the sevens this year. We were going to throw a non-sevens party and have everyone dress up, but it never eventuated.

I did go to the sevens parade today, though. This has become something of an annual event for me and a friend (aside from the fact that it happens once a year). I used to work near Parliament, where the parade starts from, we would meet up to watch it each year. It's a great celebration of culture from the sixteen teams in the event, and an exciting way to start off the weekend, even if you're not into rugby. Although the floats seem to be scaled down each year, it's still an event I enjoy and make a point of trying to see. Here are a couple of pics from today's parade:

As you can see, there were various forms of transportation:

And here's a small snippet of drumming by the Kenyan team's supporters:

Tomorrow also happens to be a holiday for us (Waitangi Day), so I'm looking forward to a relaxing day (starting with a sleep-in!) and maybe checking out some of the entertainment on offer on Wellington's waterfront. The weather is perfect tonight; let's hope it lasts until (at least) Monday!


Kelly said...

I'm a non-rugby supporter but there is something crazy/over the top/infectious about the sevens that even I get dragged in and love looking at the wacky outfits people dress up in!

Have a wonderful Waitangi Day! I'm starting mine with a sleep in too!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! It sort of reminds me of Mardi Gras here. Have a great holiday!