Sunday, 15 February 2009

Round the Bays

I am really proud of goal #5. This morning, I completed the Wellington Round the Bays 7km walk. I wasn't as prepared as I could have been, so was a little anxious about how I'd do. I was aiming for 10 minutes per kilometre, and was pleased to find that at each marker point that I was exactly on target. I finished the whole race in 1 hour and 6 minutes. I was thrilled!

Wellington turned on a picture-perfect day for more than 18,000 people to amble around the coastline; the sun was shining without a cloud in the sky. It was quite a sight to see literally thousands of people either running or walking along the streets. A half-marathon left about an hour before the main races began. There was entertainment, spot prizes, massages, as well as free bananas and water bottles for those at the finish point. Round the Bays is a fantastic community event.

There is another 8km walk not far from where I am in two weeks' time, and I'd like to get out and try it again for the women's Start Me Up Challenge. I've already txted a friend and she's keen; let's hope the good weather continues and inspires me to keep up training.


Kelly said...

Well done you! What an awesome achievement :-)


beautyredefined said...

Congrats! It always feels so good to cross something off the list, particularly when it's a physical achievement. Good job on making your time points, too!