Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Enjoying autumn

Didn't we have an amazing summer, Wellington? It's the stuff that childhood memories are made of: hot, sunny days, long evenings and an eerie absence of wind and rain. Seriously, this has been a dream run.

But now, suddenly, it's different. There's an autumnal feeling in the air. (I love that word: autumnal.) It's like someone flicked a giant switch on 1 March decided it would be autumn from now on. Sure, we see reminders of our glorious summer here and there. It's beautiful in the sun but the heat no longer follows me around the corner and into the shade. I now need to turn on the kitchen lights in the morning as I get ready for work. I know that once daylight saving finishes in a few weeks' time that dusk will be gradually trimming away more and more of my evening, making me yearn for hibernation. There are other signs, too. The extra layer of clothing each morning, the dewy coat on the grass, the fogged up car windows ...

Autumn is less romantic in Wellington than in other parts of the world. Trudging through crunchy carpets of fallen leaves is not an everyday occurrence, although they do exist in pockets of this region. But autumn brings with it a feeling of cosiness while still enjoying some of the kickbacks from summer. The light looks warm but the air is crisp. The barbeque has given way to the slow cooker. Vegetable soup and roast dinners beckon. My favourite holiday of the year is almost upon us. Autumn is a wonderfully snug way to ease into the long winter months ahead.

Even the cat has noticed. During the summer months, we'd barely see her from dawn to dusk. Now she is back inside at a reasonable hour, demanding more attention than ever, going to bed before us and waking me up in the morning with purrs and nuzzles.

Now, where's my hot chocolate?

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