Thursday, 21 March 2013

The stranger

I was introduced today to someone I've been acquainted with by sight and sound for many years but had never actually known what his name is. A colleague was explaining that this person was at a meeting he'd recently attended. Although he was also at a loss to this person's name, it became immediately apparently once they opened their mouth ... and refused to shut it. His name? Richard Cranium. He is a stranger no more!

I realise now that Richard Cranium and I go way back. I mostly see him in a loud, low car that weaves intermittently between lanes before cutting me off on the motorway. Sometimes he runs amber or red lights right in front of me. He talks during movies and orders coffee while ranting on his mobile phone, using questionable gestures to let the barista know what he wants. He arrives late to meetings and expects everybody to fill him in on what he's missed, even though you were all there on time. He has a very short attention span and interrupts while others are talking to ask questions that were answered just a few minutes ago. He's been known to walk up to you to ask a question, then walk away mid-conversation and expect you to follow him. I should also point out that sometimes he is a she! Yes, we all know Richard Craniums and they lurk all around us.

As I said to my colleague in an email this morning, "May Richard Cranium be missing in action for us all today". So far, so good!

How has your day been? Any sign of Richard at your place?

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Hazel Caine said...

Fortunately, he's been MIA in my world today. I do know him/her well though...