Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Felix The Cat

I don't know about you, but I can't help hearing the name Felix and thinking about a cat. ;-)

I had dinner with a friend tonight at Felix Café. This place has had its ups and downs over the years. Tonight was a great night. Our starter of bread and mixed dips (sundried tomato and pesto) was served quickly, along with our drinks orders. I had a yummy Moroccan-style lamb salad and my friend had a stack of huge corn fritters with salad. We finished it off by sharing a piece of the most divine chocolate cake in history - decadent, and unbelievably delicious when washed down with hot chocolate. With 25% off the bill thanks to our Entertainment Book voucher, it made for a great meal.

One thing I really enjoy about Felix Café is its location (corner of Cuba and Wakefield Streets in Wellington), along with its floor to ceiling windows. Sure, it gets cold and draughty, but it's a great venue for people watching. You never know who is going to walk past, what they will be wearing, what they'll be doing, and what they might be carrying on their way to wherever they're going. I was amazed to find several links to people watching cafés when I Googled the term. I'm not sure where they all are, or whether someone's thought to compile a New Zealand list, but I'd certainly add almost anywhere which has a good view of upper Cuba Street or Courtenay Place. There are enough colourful characters strolling by to guarantee hours of free entertainment each day. Watch this space ...

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