Monday, 26 May 2008

Music to make you move

I went to a concert with a whole bunch of dead people, once. No, really, I did! Dionne Warwick came to town last year as a replacement for Burt Bacharach, who had broken his collar bone and couldn't travel. This beautiful lady with the most soulful voice entertained us for two hours, along with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, and all was blissful and right with the world.

Dionne now lives in Brazil, and said if anyone happens to find themselves in Brasilia, go into town ask for Dionne and she would come get you, because everyone was welcome to stay. I am sooooo tempted to try that one day! Anyway, one thing Dionne particularly loves about Brazil is the music. As she said, accompanied by a background of delightful Brazilian music, you can't help but move your body as it takes over your soul, and if you aren't moving something, then "surely you must be dead". Well, I looked around us, and discovered that most people in our section were dead! How could that be? Don't worry, there were living people up in the gods and further back in the cheaper seats. Just as well for that.

I thought about Dionne's monologue as I sat listening to my latest CD purchase, The Essential Earth, Wind & Fire (2002). This is definitely going to be a 'comfort' album for me, when I'm in need of something warm, cosy, and smooth to listen to. Earth, Wind & Fire are one of these band with a familiar sound, and you just can't help but move something when listening to their music. Usually it's feet and hips; at the very least, mouths formed into smiling shapes. Their sound fuses together several styles and comes together in a mix of R&B that could only be achieved with such a big band (9 core members on the cover).

A few highlights for me:
  • Let's Groove Tonight - the ultimate in funky disco. Can't help want to dance to this one.
  • Fantasy - shows off their tight vocal work and even tighter jump suits.
  • September - conjures up images of dance floors with coloured lit floor tiles.
  • Boogie Wonderland - the opening song in any dance compilation. Awesome bass line (as with all their songs).
  • Got to Get You Into My Life - wasn't sure I liked this first few times, as I'm a purist, but concede that it offers a different spin on the original (Lennon/McCartney) and creates a whole new sound. Magic.
  • After the Love Has Gone - ohhh.

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