Saturday, 24 May 2008

Tinakori Bistro

We went to the Tinakori Bistro last night for a big group dinner. Someone had brought me there years ago with the aim to impress; the food did, but unfortunately he didn’t, so it wasn’t really worth his while in the end. ;-)

Last night’s meal was one of their set menus. I think I chose well, as all three of my courses were really delicious and the portion sizes just right. It all seemed a bit random, as some ended up with entreés the size of a main meal, and other mains were decidedly thin on the ground.

My entrée of seared fresh scallops, on risotto cake, vermouth cream sauce was a great way to start the meal. For my main course, the chargrilled salmon, roasted baby potatoes, beans and dill hollandaise sauce practically fell off my fork, as the salmon was so fresh and tenderly cooked.

The pièce de résistance, though, was dessert. Some chose unwisely and were wooed by the thought of crème brûlée or cheesecake. I was almost tempted myself by the sticky date pudding, which was seductively calling my name, but reverted to my usual choice: anything with lots of chocolate in it. My bitter chocolate cake with orange anglaise and raspberry sorbet was to die for. Don’t let the description of ‘bitter’ put you off; it simply meant that it was made of incredibly dark chocolate, rather than being rich or sweet. It certainly seemed the best choice, as bits of cheesecake were left behind on the plate while envious eyes watched the chocolate melt in my mouth. Oh Chocolate, I shall never doubt you again!

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