Thursday, 1 May 2008

An offer you can't refuse ...

Yesterday, I received an offer I couldn't refuse. No, really - I did. And this wasn't just any old offer, oh no. It was potentially better than any other offer I had ever received. Truly. I didn't even have to do anything special to receive this offer. It came right to my door, and all I had to do was answer the doorbell. So how could I possibly turn it down?

Yes, how could I? ;-)

Two rotund 40-ish women introduced themselves and, with big smiles, proclaimed they were promoting the Bible and wanted to talk to me about what it could do for my life. I politely told them I was not interested, thank you, and made to step away from the door when one breathlessly called out (after climbing up just one flight of stairs) "don't you want help in solving the problems of the world?". Well, why didn't you say so before, lady?

Unfortunately, I turned down this offer of a lifetime and quite boldly stated that no thanks, I was working on that myself. (Not entirely true, but they have no way of knowing that.) No doubt they're praying for my soul this very minute and will smirk at me piously as they play harps on their big fluffy clouds while I spend eternity falling into an endless pit ... but seriously, these people need to get over themselves and trust that others will make the right choices in their lives before judging them or offering to 'help'.


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