Sunday, 28 September 2008

Having a massage

My 101 list appears to have been neglected a bit lately, but I can assure you that I'm working on a few of my ongoing or larger goals. For example, I'm reading at least one book a month (#1), blogging at least three times a week (#7, but you knew that already), trying new recipes (#87), and trying to find something to be happy and thankful for each day (#48).

Last night, I went to a combined bridal shower and hen's party. I know that sounds like trouble but, believe me, it was a great night and incredibly well behaved. As part of the festivities, the host hired a masseur (not that kind) so that guests could have chair massages (get your mind out of the gutter!). So, in the midst of the party, I got to enjoy 15 minutes of pure luxury in the hands of a genius, who rubbed and kneaded away at my tired and tense back, neck and shoulders.

I absolutely love massage (giving and receiving). Goal #42 was to treat myself by having a massage. I guess I've technically achieved that, but I'm going to put it in italics as a work in progress, as my massage last was really just a teaser, and a taste of what's to come when I have my full, 'real', massage. That's only fair, right? ;-)


Kelly said...

Oh massages are so good! I am on work experience at the moment and every Wednesday a masseur comes to the paper and does 20 min chair massages to all the staff. Bliss! Of course it generally makes me so relaxed I am incapable of being productive for the rest of the afternoon.

Donna said...

They are absolutely blissful and you so deserve them anytime you get them!!!

Random Thoughts said...

I also LOVE massage, receiving much more than giving! At my previous school (as a teacher) we had the opportunity to purchase and receive a chair massage once a week. I decided then that I would hire someone to come and provide chair massages on the day of my wedding (when I have one). That day is always so stressful for the group of ladies getting fussed in their bests, that i would treat and thank my girls with this special treat!