Sunday, 11 March 2012

Life's too short

I've been doing a lot of middle of the night contemplating/worrying/fretting thinking in recent months. My current work climate is literally making me sick, leaving me physically and emotionally drained for far too long. It has got to stop!

At the start of this year, I developed a recipe for living. Although I have all the ingredients on hand, various nasty things are getting in the way of me following through with the method. Believe me, it is no way to live.

I came across this today and took a moment to enjoy it.

Life is indeed short. Too short, in fact, to not enjoy it. After all, tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone and none of us will get out alive! I got to thinking about all the things that life is too short for. There are some good suggestions on this site and now I have come up with a few of my own.

Life's too short:
  • to read a bad book. So many good books have been written that I won't have time to read, so I'm not going to fuss about finishing bad ones.
  • to iron clothes. Just buy clothes that don't need ironing. Problem solved!
  • to listen to crappy music or bad radio stations. Buy an iPod and only listen to the stuff you like.
  • to drink bad (especially instant) coffee. This goes without saying.
  • to wear makeup every day. Really, who can be bothered?
  • to blow dry your hair. See above. (I don't even own a hairdryer - or an iron for that matter!)
  • to go to shopping malls. *shudder*
  • to read trashy magazines (or magazines at all). Why waste time when you could instead read a good book?
  • to work inside on a sunny weekend. Get out and enjoy every moment you can.
What would you add to the list?


    LatteJunkie said...

    To wait for the "right moment".
    To not have a slice of cake, once in a while.
    To waste time on useless people.
    To always have a plan.
    To do have a perfectly clean house, there are more important things to do...

    Ness said...

    To waste time playing games (be it with people or on the computer etc.)
    To hold yourself back
    To not spend time with family and friends
    To have regrets
    To stay in a bad relationship or job
    To keep quiet



    Bunnie said...

    To not make mistakes
    To not take more trips ...
    To not watch more sunsets
    To not play hooky a lot more
    miss riding more merry-go-rounds To not pick more flowers


    Juli Ryan said...

    Adore your list. We are kindred spirits--except that I sometimes use a hair iron. But only sometimes!