Friday, 2 March 2012

Weather bomb

The weather is often a leading conversation starter but the subject on everyone's lips tonight has a pretty extreme name: weather bomb. Wow! We had lots of rain followed by a great weather bomb a couple of years ago and last year it snowed in Wellington. (Yes, we're still talking about it.) Tonight, we have been promised a spectacular storm that seems to be gaining speed, rather than petering out as it crosses the Tasman Sea on its way towards us. Imagine the stories that we'll be able to tell in a few days' time! Anyone silly enough to venture outdoors with an umbrella this weekend is likely to end up looking like this poor woman.

Now, I actually love a good storm - but under certain conditions. There is nothing quite like lying in bed, snug and warm while the rain taps down on the roof. There's even a pretty cheesy song about it. I remember wet, wintery days when we were kids; we'd close the curtains, sit by the fireplace reading books all day, drinking hot chocolate and eating vegetable soup - very cosy.

So normally I'd look forward to some extreme weather, provided that I was planning to be at home and had enough coffee and books to last the distance. But this time it is different. We have had plans for many months to be away for the weekend, with some of those plans involving outdoor activities. We will be driving in the direction of the storm and it is expected to be intense for most of our time away. No doubt it will last until we arrive home and head back to work on Monday. Typical.

Are you in the path of the weather bomb? What are your plans for the weekend?

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