Monday, 19 March 2012

Marmite, shmarmite

Big news today. Forget crime, war or 'new' give way rules. Something bigger has got everybody talking: New Zealand is heading for a Marmite shortage.

Yes, Marmite - more specifically, the yeast spread that is made in New Zealand (not UK) in an earthquake damaged factory that is the main supplier for both here and Australia. Apparently the situation is dire and there will be no Marmite left in either country until the new factory is up and running again in July. How will we cope? Personally, I'm beginning to wonder if it's a great marketing ploy.

Actually, I'm a Vegemite fan myself so not at all bothered by the shortage. Both Marmite and Vegemite are acquired tastes and something you either love or hate. I did get to thinking, though, what would I do if warned of an impending shortage of say coffee? Or chocolate? Would I rush out and stock up? I'd certainly buy some coffee to keep me going, but not too much as it's only good when fresh. Chocolate lasts a bit longer and it would be a good excuse to fill the pantry. And then there's cheese. I'd buy one or two soft cheeses and keep some hard cheeses in the fridge for a rainy day but eventually it would go off.

What food shortage would see you rushing to stock your shelves?

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Hazel Caine said...

I'm a Marmite girl, but am not particularly bothered by this drought. I'm pretty sure I'd riot over a hashbrown shortage though.