Sunday, 18 March 2012

Up and down

I love the notion of #lazysunday. Even if I am busy with work or study (like today), I still love escaping for an hour or so in search of coffee and the Sunday papers. A regular feature that I enjoy in the Sunday magazine is Up and Down, where a list of random things is categorised as either going up or down. Like most people's opinions, it changes weekly and I always say to myself I should collate a similar list sometime so I've taken a short break in my study to share my list for this week.

  • Water glasses kept in the fridge at cafés. Nice.
  • Cheese scones. I still can't get enough of them.
  • Ginger crunch. It smells so good in the oven and tastes even better.
  • iPod shuffle. I love how my iPod is so random that I can go from listening to AC/DC to Los Bravos to The Muppets to Paul Simon to Amy Winehouse all within five songs.
  • Noise cancelling headphones. It's amazing just how many irritations can be replaced by my favourite music (albeit temporarily).
  • Good friends and long, leisurely weekend brunches. One can never have enough. 
  • Missing Pieces. Never fails to produce a tear or two.

  • The price of movie tickets. $17 to sit in a dark room for an hour and a half with a bunch of strangers?
  • Micromanagement. You know it's true.
  • TV or radio ads that shout at me. No, Harvey Norman, No!
  • Stress related insomnia. It wouldn't be so bad if I I could actually achieve something useful during those wee small hours.
  •  Junk mail and circulars cluttering up letterboxes. Some weeks, my recycling bin can barely keep up.
  • The impending end of daylight savings time. The mornings sure are getting darker (and colder)!
What's up and down for you this week?


Kez said...

Up: The random kindness of strangers just when you need it (trust me I needed it).
Spending time with family.

Down: My 4 month old having his immunisations and reacting so badly he woke up every 45 minutes ALL night for two WHOLE nights (and we're not back to normal yet)!

LatteJunkie said...

Up: Cuddles
Lazy breakfasts
Stolen moments with a loved one

The end of weekends
Stroppy almost 4 year olds
Self doubt
Missing family members.

Miss Awesome said...

Ashtanga Yoga classes
Pumpkin soup
New job
Bucket lists
2 Broke Girls

Jars as water glasses @ bars
Smelly people on the bus
Loud neighbours
Random downpours

Love the blog btw, as an ex Wellington girl and keen baker it makes me miss home (and Mojo) just a wee bit :)