Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Entertainment Book

The Café Chick has committed to a year of sampling Wellington's cafés and restaurants. Yes, I've bought an Entertainment Book. So now I'll be able to dine out and drink coffee while thinking about how much money I'm saving in the process. That's right, isn't it, sweetie? ;-)

I've had a quick browse through and there are a few of my usual hangouts featured, some places I'm likely to try, some I'm sure to continue to steer clear of (I've already given the McDonald's vouchers away to my sister-in-law), and a few I'll never be able to afford, even with the discount (I'm thinking of the Gold Card section).

So, to give it a whirl, the whanau are going to take Mum out for her birthday dinner tomorrow night and christen the Gold Card. We're thinking of Calzone, a place where I usually enjoy hot chocolate and dessert on weeknights with friends. Then The Flying Burrito Brothers with friends on Friday night. Then, then, then ...

Three things to remember:
  1. keep the card in my wallet
  2. keep the book in my car
  3. remember to use it.

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