Friday, 8 May 2009

Clothing bin

As I was sorting out some old clothes yesterday, ready for another delivery to the clothing bin, I came across a couple of items from yonder years. Surprisingly, they have survived being packed up (and probably unpacked) several times this past decade and merely transported from one place to another before resting, once again, in my bottom drawer. It's unlikely I will wear most of them again. So why do I keep them?

In my classroom teaching days, I mostly taught children aged 7-10 years, many of them budding fashionistas (of which I am not) and all with opinions. About everything. As the children's age decreased, their opinions were more freely forthcoming. About everything.

Certain pieces of clothing brought back memories of comments from my junior fashion police. There was always the daily watch for things like earrings ("I like the earrings you are wearing today better than yesterday's ones but, please, don't wear the smiley faces again"), hair styles ("You should wear pigtails more often, then you'll look like one of us" - lol!) and other accessories ("I liked that ring when you first bought it, but don't you have any others?").

Here is a selection of comments about various pieces of clothing from my teaching wardrobe, directly from the mouths of the babes. Every comment was made in a excited tone of genuine wonder, as though they were making some great discovery and couldn't wait to share it with me. Lucky me!
  • On a cream-coloured crochet top: "Oh, my mother has a tablecloth just like that!"
  • On a blue mini-skirt with a large daisy print: "That is such an ugly skirt, but it really suits you." (When asked for clarification, she pointed out that "I really hate the material, but you look so good in it". Still not convinced!)
  • On a deep red shirt over dark green jeans: "You look like a Christmas tree today!"
  • On a day when three teachers inadvertently wore baggy white shirts over blue jeans: "Do you all have to wear the same clothes on Fridays?"
  • On a polar fleece top: "You look just like Mr Young!" (Large, male principal, who indeed had a top made of polar fleece but in a totally different colour and style, ie not resembling mine in the slightest!)
  • And the clincher, when wearing a simple skirt and top with boots: "Why do you look nice today? Is it because we're going to a funeral?"
Anyone else up for a backhanded compliment? Surely I can't be the only victim of such a harsh fashion commentary by littlies?


Sab said...

Haha, that is too cute! My cousins would often comment on my clothes (which were not the greatest for many years... doesn't help when you are expected to wear your aunties hand-me-downs of decades past while you are in jr. high). I got one where they acted like I was a sailor. Then there were those asking where the football game was. yeah... icky clothes.

Sarah said...

Hahaha! This makes me wish I worked with kids! Once in a while I get to photograph some tinies for an assignment, but they are usually sweet and tell me I'm pretty, which I'm fairly sure is based solely on the fact that small kids think long hair=princess.