Thursday, 21 May 2009

Project 365: To be, or not to be?

I am contemplating starting Project 365, taking a photo a day of something which I have learned, something I found interesting, or something which simply sums up my day in some way. I have set up a new blog, Café Chick's Project 365, and will continue to develop the site during the next week or so. I like the idea of looking back at a collection of images as a kind of visual library after one year; I just wonder about my level of commitment to get there. However, looking back to the time when I contemplated starting 101 goals in 1001 days, I see my mind was going through the same sorts of questions, and I definitely went ahead with that project.

I won't elaborate on Project 365 here, but instead point you to my blog post about it on my new blog. I'm about 80% convinced that I will start the project on 1 June. That leaves me 9 more days to either talk myself into or out of it!

So, who wants to come along for the ride?


Nisha said...

after a few failed attempts, i'm hoping to restart it on June 1st...and stick with it this time! I bought extra camera batteries and hope to carry around my camera (or at least take a phone pic) everywhere. also, chris and i are going to start trying for a kid soon so i'm hoping there may be some preggo pictures in there too. :)

good luck when/if you start it!!

DefaultArtist said...

hey there. If you want a good tip check out ,it's a calendar based photo site and it makes this sort of project super easy.

DefaultArtist said...

oh, they are also having a free photo contest at the moment