Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The process of pruning

The decluttering process ambles along. A few weeks ago, I came down with a mild dose of the urge to purge. It is still here; I have begun looking through and sorting my stuff, although I have a long way to go yet. It has been more of a gradual pruning process than a true purge, even if I sometimes feels like the woman in this picture.

A friend has the uncanny knack of pulling $20 notes out of her jackets and pockets at the start of each season. While I haven't managed that feat yet, I have found a lot of stuff I didn't know I still had, along with some stuff I wonder why I kept in the first place. Here's a quick progress report:

  • one pair of black Italian cashmere-lined kid leather gloves I had bought in Florence
  • a black and white tartan scarf
Instant sacrifices
  • carrier bags, folders and containers of random shapes and sizes
  • numerous cassette tapes
  • receipts for items I don't remember buying as a student
  • bank statements and passbooks from the 1990s
Trade Me
  • various photo frames
  • earthenware jug (this is quite satisfying to sell; a very unwanted 21st present from the ex, ha ha)
  • crystal candle holder (another gift - it was the thought that counted)
  • wild animal coffee mug (see above)
  • 3-cup coffee plunger. Still looking for the 8-cup plunger that I know is hiding somewhere.
  • set of matching coasters and place mats in 'country cottage' theme - soooo not me
  • a few books, many of which will end up at an upcoming charity book fair
  • a couple of Lavender & Lace embroidery patterns
  • address book
  • blank recipe book
St Vinnie's
  • a few articles of clothing
  • Korean folk painting (gift from a student many years ago)
  • earthenware jug (see above)
Not quite sure what to do with
  • old out-of-date textbooks from my study days (first time around). Don't want to just chuck them, but where can they be useful?
  • containers and boxes of different shapes and sizes. I should probably chuck them, or at least put them in a more conspicuous place so I can see them when I need one.
Still looking for
  • 8-cup coffee plunger
  • scary animal oven mitts - they have to go!


Kellee said...

You're inspiring the inner urge to purge in myself. I might have a rummage through the wardrobe when I get home tonight :)

Sab said...

my urge to purge has been replaced by the urge to shop... at garage sales. Don't know how that happened...