Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Stomp 09

Last night, we saw Stomp 09 on the opening night of their Wellington stint. Amazing! I'd seen their previous tour and, even though much of it was the same as before, I'm really glad I went again, this time with my sweetie in tow.

Stomp is a true celebration of percussion: sound, noise, and a pile of everyday objects. Incredibly funny, Stomp communicate via sound and mime to convey humour, complex rhythms, and urban culture. Brooms, cigarette lighters, newspapers, hollow pipes, sand, matchboxes, water, rubbish bins, 44 gallon drums ... everything including the kitchen sink. Check out the full list of instruments.

The show continues in Wellington until Sunday 31 May, before moving to Christchurch next week and then heading back overseas. If you can, I highly recommend going to see it. Yes, it's quite pricey, but absolutely worth every cent.

For anyone who has ever banged on a homemade drum kit made up of kitchen pots and pans, or danced around the room clapping their hands and slapping their thighs with great gusto, Stomp is for you. My 15-month-old nephew is already in training!

In the meantime, here are a couple of videos to give you an idea of what Stomp is all about.

Stomp in the kitchen


Sweeping the floor

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