Monday, 25 May 2009

Wuthering Heights - which version?

One of the books I am currently reading is Jane Austen's classic novel, Wuthering Heights (1847). It's still a work in progress for me, and I am dipping in and out of several other novels and biographies at the same time, but I'll blog about it once I'm finished.

As I read, my earworm starts up. As cheesy as it seems, I can't shake hearing the song "Wuthering Heights" in my head; not one, but amalgamations of three different versions. Three versions? Yes, Kate Bush's warblings have been copied by at countless other artists, each of whom have ensured this tragic love story lives on ... at least aurally. I don't actually mind the song; it's just that I can't help myself playing it over and over each time I pick up the book. So here are clips of the three versions that I just can't seem to shake.

Kate Bush's original version of "Wuthering Heights" (1978)
When I first heard this song, I thought I might have liked it, but had no idea what it was about, nor many (any?) of the lyrics.

Pat Benatar's cover (1980)
Ahh, lyrics you can understand. Is that what the song is about? Having said that, I only heard this version for the first time a couple of years ago. I think it's my preference out of the three that rotate in my musical mind.

The Puppini Sisters' version (2006)
I am intrigued by this group. This live version doesn't really do them much justice, although it gives you an idea of how to turn incessant warbling into three-part harmony. Enjoy!


Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora Café Chick!

Hayley Westenra who sings Wuthering Heights in the same key as Kate Bush is a little better on her diction, more tuneful I think. Check it out.

When Kate Bush's iconic recording was first released I don't think I listened for the lyrics, nor did many who found it exciting - her sound was novel, haunting and certainly innovative for its time.

Catchya later

Kelly said...

I agree with Middle Earth - adore Hayley Westenra's version! I love this song... time to thrash it on repeat :-)