Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Biscuit bake off

The Edmonds Cookery Book (or Edmonds Cookbook, as it is commonly known) has been the staple in any New Zealand cook's recipe collection for the last century. It features a collection of simple, everyday baking recipes that are also economical to make. I finally got my own copy for Christmas (yes, better late than never) and have been browsing through some of the recipes.

As a baker, I have a fairly limited biscuit repertoire. I make some pretty mean chocolate chip cookies and have tried some basic cookie and biscuit recipes in the past, along with gingerbread and shortbread, but nothing fancy.

A thought occurred to me as I looked for something I could bake with the ingredients currently in my pantry. I put it to the Twitterverse ... pretty quickly, I heard back from @NessOldfield and @thedemlz - both had thought similar things in the past! A plan was forming: what if I baked my way through the biscuit section?

There are 23 biscuit recipes in the cookbook ranging from basic biscuits to yoyos. I figure this is a realistic enough goal to work through when I have the time and, as always, I'll share the recipes along the way. Hopefully they will give me enough practice at biscuit baking to leave me ready to tackle fancy stuff like the recipes featured on The Decorated Cookie blog. *drool*

Who's with me?


Anjuli said...

Sounds like a cunning plan....I'd need to get a copy of the cookbook though... ;)

Shaz said...

I have moved house so many times that my Edmonds
Cookbook from my childhood has disappeared. I do have my Anchor cookbook that has about 5 cookie recipes. Might give them a try. Isn't a cheese biscuit a scone?

wellreadkitty said...

What an awesome idea! I'm so in!

I'm not much of a muffin or cake maker but bikkies I can do.

When will we cook up the first batch?

Café Chick said...

Hey ladies

Wow, this could be so much fun! I have been thinking about how a virtual bake off might work. Given that I tend to bake in binges or whenever time allows, I don't think I'd be any good at sticking to a schedule. I also tend to bake with ingredients in my pantry meaning that I'm likely to jump around the recipes!

How about we each choose whichever biscuit (or other) recipes we want to bake and blog/tweet about them in our own online space? It would be great to share the recipe, a pic of the final product and comments about how you find baking it, tips etc ... oh, and how they tasted! We could make up a hashtag for Twitter - how about #biscuitbakeoff ... what do you think?

jopsonb said...

I'm interested too!

liltoastfairy said...

most supermarkets sell copies of The Edmonds Cookery Book, so it's easy peasey to replace lost ones :O)