Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Chocolate Seller on Broadway and his kids - Chris Grantham

It's been a while since I blogged about a book I've read, something I intend to do more of now that I'm making time to read for pleasure. I have just finished The Chocolate Seller on Broadway and his kids by local author and Chris Grantham. Published in 2009, it is the story of Mark Grantham, a man in his 30s who has cerebral palsy, as told by his father, Chris. The title comes from Mark's activity of more than 20 years: selling chocolates to passersby on the street to fundraise for the three children he sponsors in India through World Vision.

Mark has simple dreams: to live independently and to help others, but living with cerebral palsy means that this is anything but simple. For his family, making Mark's dreams a reality is a lifelong journey, some of which Chris shares in this book. There are tiny steps forwards, backwards moves, phenomenal successes and brick walls encountered throughout the story and Chris describes the various measures he, his family and support team took to repeatedly outsmart The System along the way, whose sole purpose often seemed to try and thwart Mark at every step. I was thrilled to find someone I know in the book - a former colleague who is mentioned as having a positive impact on Mark's life. Others do not come off in such a positive light in this open and honest account.

A simple, inspiring read about an everyday hero who doesn't understand what the word "can't" means.

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ChrisG said...

Hi Cafe Chick....glad you enjoyed the story, delighted your friend featured well. As I said in the book there have been some absolute stars!....The battles described continue, the powers that be would currently like to stick Mark in an institution (they'll have their work cut out!)....cheerz, Chris Grantham