Monday, 23 January 2012

Telltale signs of ageing

Time certainly flies. I am often caught out thinking about what year it is, how long I have been doing a particular activity, or how long it has been since something significant took place. The years fall away and long ago events seem like they happened only yesterday. Amazing really, considering I don't seem to be a day older than ... well, that's pretty subjective.

Telltale signs of ageing
  • A young boy sitting across from you at the airport gate is dressed as a pilot. His uniform looks very authentic and he even has all the correct identification. Then he boards and flies your plane.
  • A student you taught when she was 8 years old stands up and reintroduces herself to you in a restaurant. You don't immediately recognise her but are thrilled to see her after all these years, figuring she must be about 21 by now. She asks where you are currently working. Her reply to your response? "Oh yes, they are one of our clients." Clients? Since when does an 8 year old have clients??
  • The sister of another student you taught as a 9 year old introduces herself from behind the counter at one of your favourite cafés. Not only is she now 23 and the café manager, but she has already completed her OE and has returned home to 'settle down'.
  • The young girl you see in the corridor at work is not here visiting her mother or father (or grandparent) but instead contracted as a consultant, currently conducting a very important staffing review.
  • A friend posts on Facebook that she just found a bunch of records she didn't remember even having: Wham, Inxs, Tears for Fears, Abba, Grease, Tour of Duty. Another friend comments, "that reads like my dad's music collection." Great.
  • You have to show a friend YouTube clips of Jem and the Holograms so she can understand what your Sevens costume theme is all about and what she should be wearing.

  • Someone who looks about 30 offers you their seat on the bus ... oh wait, this hasn't actually happened to me but I don't look forward to the day it does!
Do you ever feel that the world is prematurely ageing around you while you're still too young to even be considered a grown up?


LatteJunkie said...

A pupil I taught when she was 7, asked to follow me on twitter, before I realised who she was I commented on the young sluts of today... ooops!

Kez said...

Um...only ALL the time! Having a baby pretty much proves it to me. I feel OLD when I think about his future. EEK!

wheatgerm said...

Im old

Last 100 Days said...

Great blog - just found you at random... Thanks for helping me smile today...

Sarah said...

So funny to read - but scarily I nodded in agreement to most of the signs of ageing!

Still laughing at Latte Junkie's comment!