Saturday, 29 December 2007

The Hollies

A few weeks ago, I realised in horror that I didn't have any of The Hollies' songs on my iPod, and neither did my other major source of music (Dad, the muso). Something had to be done about it. The Hollies Greatest Hits arrived from TradeMe a short time later and has been playing continuously in my car ever since. Here's my verdict:

Songs I am newly in love with:
Too Young To Be Married: cheesy, dated lyrics which originally put me off the song, but an absolutely brilliant dual acoustic guitar solo.
Sorry Suzanne: a very cute little song, one that I've never really taken notice of before.

Songs I've renewed my love for:
Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress: utter perfection, first note to last. The only Hollies song without backing vocals - very interesting.
Magic Woman Touch: different to their usual sound; refreshing.
The Air That I Breathe: more than just another soppy love song; well crafted, beautiful phrasing.

Songs I'm warming to:
Jennifer Eccles: cheesy, but not as bad as I first thought.
I'm Alive: again, much more finely crafted than I originally thought.
Carrie Anne: similar in concept to The Beach Boys' Barbara Ann, but better.
Bus Stop: once again, a great acoustic guitar solo.

Song I just don't understand why they released at all:
Stop Stop Stop: always hated it, always will. A waste of talent.

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