Friday, 21 December 2007

Online radio

I am a musician. Most of my friends are not. Many of them want to be. Some realise it takes a bit more than just learning an instrument. One plays a bit of guitar and wants to make his musical debut on Christmas Day by performing two duets with me. I'm thinking about how best to do this.

He has selected two Bob Dylan songs to play. I'm not entirely sure this will do a lot for Christmas cheer, but am willing to chart them for him and have a practise, accompanying his guitar playing and singing on a keyboard and maybe some backing vocals. I pretty much know Mr Tambourine Man, courtesy of that awful Byrds version, but was at sea on The Times, They Are A-Changing. So what are the options for me to learn it? Download a copy, buy a CD with it on, or bluff my way through it on the day, having heard it only once or twice many years ago? A solution was at hand ...

Someone told me about Radio Blog Club. You can search for, stream, and listen to music directly online, without needing to download any applications or files. It's totally free to use, and you don't even need to create a user account, unless you want to use the site to create playlists and organise the music you listen to. (It's still free, though!) The playlist is reasonable and easy to access with a good Internet connection. I think it's going to be a great way to sample songs before buying CDs - or even to practise a Bob Dylan song or two.


unlikelyhero said...

what instrument do you play? music is an amazing gift. check out my blog journey4answers.blogspot

Café Chick said...

Hey there. I'm a keyboard player by trade, having started out with piano lessons. I'm singing in my current band. Are you a musician, too?