Monday, 17 December 2007

Little Miss Naughty - my hero

Here's to Little Miss Naughty. She's my hero. This girl has it all. She's cute, she's cheeky, she has great friends, she's always smiling, she has so much fun ... and she's purple! We could all learn from adopting a bit of Little Miss Naughty's philosophy in life.

I loved the Mr Men books when I was four. I owned Mr Lazy (although he was pink with a big tummy in those days, and not green and skinny like on the official website now). I remember reading the book to my kindy teacher and saying "Mr Lazy", as in mrrrr. She explained that it was actually "Mister". "What?!" I thought. "But it's M-R!" And so began my introduction to the world of abbreviations.

I was thrilled to hear that the Mr Men books were being reprinted a number of years ago. I was even more thrilled when someone bought me Little Miss Naughty jamies - summer boxers and a top. So now I can relive a little bit of my childhood every night. Now I just need to buy my own copy of the book. Little Miss Naughty, you rock!

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