Sunday, 9 December 2007

Sunday brunch Part 2

OK, I admit it: I'm addicted to Sunday brunch. I know, that's not really news. I fell into bed around 3am after a dance party last night and looked forward to a sleep in. (Yes, I'm getting older ... it never used to be a problem dancing the night away and getting up early the next morning!) BUT, a txt arrived around 9am inviting me to brunch ... so how could I resist? After all, I'm not Café Chick for nothing. :-)

Today's venue is another favourite of mine. (Another? Yes, another.) The Parade Café is in Oriental Bay, across from the beach and nestled among apartments with great views of the harbour. Just up the road, you can pick up a home for a cool $10 mil. Get the picture? Actually, you'd expect a really pretentious place with tiny portions of food on huge white plates, and what you get is the exact opposite. There are three indoor eating areas and a cool courtyard.

We sat outside in the courtyard, as the weather was overcast but really warm and muggy. As usual, the food was excellent. Alright, so I might have ordered eggs again, but they were beautifully poached with bacon, yummy hash browns, and chunky toast. Perfection!

Now I need to start thinking about next week's Sunday brunch. :-) Either that, or stop the addiction. Yeah, right!

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