Sunday, 23 December 2007


This morning, I had Sunday brunch in heaven. I know I'm a Sunday brunch addict, but today was different to other days. Today, I hadn't been to bed at all from last night's Naughty or Nice Christmas party (but that's another story). We ended up at one of my absolute favourite haunts, Maranui Café, which has breathtaking views over Lyall Bay and Wellington airport.

Maranui has been a surf life saving club since 1911, and I've remembered going past their club rooms on the beach since I was a little girl going to Lyall Bay for ice cream. They now have a members' only café (just sign your name in the book the first time you go, and bang! you're a member), which has quickly become the funkiest cafe in town. The décor is off-beat retro, with surf memorabilia and treasures to be found all around the place. The brunch/lunch menu is really hearty; they also have a great counter selection and the coffee is Havana. Mmmmmm.

My Maranui coffee card is nearly full. I've become another 'regular'. As a friend of mine said after we made a brunch date for later this week, "sounds good ... although I've been eating there so much lately, I'm starting to look like Eggs Benedict!".

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