Thursday, 20 March 2008

Driver fatigue

I've often left for trips when tired from tying up loose ends at work etc, so I guess I've done more than my fair share of tired driving. This holiday was no different.

There seems to be a real blitz on driver fatigue at the moment. My sweetie and I arrived at the ferry this morning to be greeted by Police, receive bottled water for the driver, and information about driver fatigue for passengers. We appreciated the water (and mini-cookie) but gave it no further thought until we came across a driver reviver station as we passed through Half Moon Bay while heading south to Kaikoura.

Run by State, driver reviver stops are a brilliant idea. Real coffee (note: real, not instant or filtered), hot cross buns, fruit, bottled water, and Easter eggs inside big marquees were a welcome relief on the drive south. Apparently they're set up in long driving stretches over Easter and Labour weekends. (I wonder what happens at Queen's Birthday and other times of the year?). Great to see such a proactive initiative. :-)

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