Sunday, 23 March 2008

Rafting on the Buller Gorge

After having my arm severely (metaphorically) twisted behind my back, and as a consolation for refusing to jump out of a plane, I finally agreed to go white water rafting with my sweetie on Easter Sunday.

This was a big step for me, which was reinforced during our group briefing when contact lens wearers (me) were told to "just close your eyes and hope they stay in", and driven home as I tried to descend a bank to the river bed while sporting reconstructed ligaments in my ankle. Hmmm. Would the body hold up?

It did. Just. And it was great. (Yes, I really did enjoy it.) Rusty, our guide, was fantastic and managed to get me up and down rocks with a deft combination of skill and humour, and without too much strain. (So did my sweetie *hug*) I think the pics say the rest:


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