Monday, 17 March 2008

How many addictions can one have??

Make no mistake: Facebook is still my #1 current addiction, and the novelty definitely hasn't worn off yet (as I was informed it would). I tend to add applications which keep on going, ie no one-off quizzes for me, which just end up cluttering my page and telling me what my kids' names are (what kids??!). Applications like Have You Ever, 10 Second Interview (which goes on for waaaaayyyy longer than 10 seconds, I should warn you) and Interview ask seemingly endless questions about the world's universally favourite subject: meeeeee! Scrabulous is one continuous round of excitement and mystery, even when I'm getting severely beaten. (It's always a thrill to be severely winning, but I actually prefer games where the scores are more evenly matched - it's makes the challenge just that much more exciting.)

But now I have another. I usually ignore most application invitations and decline to ask 10 (20/30/40) of my friends to add one so I can work out my karma sutra position ... but Scramble popped up yesterday, and in less than one day, I'm hooked. Oh dear, how easy was that? There is something oddly fascinating about mixing up random letters and manipulating them into bizarre little words while trying to beat the clock. Two of my usual Scrabulous buddies have joined Scramble and we now have mini-challenges going back and forth between us.

There's also a race-the-clock-and-beat-others-online style of game. Initially, this held no appeal until I realised my picture was at the top of the leader board ... and usually stays within the top 1-10 for the duration of a three-minute game. Ooh, the thrill - and rush - of a new addiction. :-D

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