Thursday, 27 March 2008

The Laughing Fox

I'm on the road again, this time for work and just a short overnight trip to Foxton. Yes, you read me right: Foxton. Sheesh.

It was a very early start and has been a long day. However, I've learned some interesting things about Foxton today:
  1. There is more to Foxton (a whole street, in fact) than the main road. It runs parallel to State Highway 1.
  2. There are around 40 shops/businesses on or around that street (or so someone tells me the sign used to say ...).
  3. Hmmm. Actually, I think that's it.
Well, one of those businesses is the Laughing Fox Café on the main road. We had a huge meal here tonight. The menu is great and the portions generous (almost too generous, as they were also incredibly yummy). Well worth stopping at if you ever find yourself having to hang around in Foxton (as opposed to simply driving on through).

I think it's time for an early night. zzzzzz

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