Monday, 3 March 2008

My Desperate addiction

I'm not a huge tv fan. At any given time, there are 1-2 programmes I follow, and in the years since Sex and the City finished, there's been little to tickle my fancy. That's why I'm so pleased that my Desperate Housewives addiction has now been reignited. For me, the world stops for an hour each Monday night at 8:30 pm. And then there's the Tuesday morning post-mortem with friends ... it's all good.

What's not to like about DH, I ask you? I have friends who say they've never got into the series, and one admits she doesn't understand it, but the rest of us are hard core addicts, and that includes a handful of guys!

Each series has its own distinct flavour, and while I found Series 2 a bit ho-hum, I'm glad to see a lot of the clever humour creeping back into Series 4. New characters with a past, quirky nuisances, cringe-worthy mishaps, and twisted secrets abound - it's incredibly addictive. We love to watch Susan put her foot in it, sympathise with superwoman Lynette, judge Bree the control freak, envy the glamorous Gabby, and tolerate Edie cos she says and does the things that secretly go through our mind but we're be scared to do in real life.

I'm disturbed to say that once again I have taken a Which Desperate Housewife Are You quiz and have once again turned out to be Lynette. How??! As my friends describe her, "oh, she's the crazy one with all the kids". Well, I certainly don't have kids, and who's to say what counts as crazy or not? Aren't we all a little crazy? Who writes these things??!

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