Sunday, 9 March 2008


My iPod informs me I have 4687 songs on it. Some people would consider that a lot; others would say "is that all?". For me, they are only the songs I actually want, and not just piles of crap music that someone gave me or that I haven't got around to deleting yet. Don't worry, there's still plenty crap music on there, but it's my choice of crap music, which makes all the difference for me.

Just because this is a self-indulgent blog ... here are the last ten songs, artists, the album they're from, and their rating out of five played on my iPod via shuffle:
  1. Best of You - Foo Fighters [no album] 3/5 - wow, forgot I had this song.
  2. Angie - Rolling Stones [Forty Licks] 4/5 - love that piano work.
  3. Hooked on a Feeling - Blue Suede [Reservoir Dogs soundtrack] 3/5 - don't really like the ooga-chugga bits, but it's a good song.
  4. (TSOP) The Sound of Philadelphia - MFSB [Rhythm & Black] 3/5 - great instrumental disco beat.
  5. Give It Away - Red Hot Chili Peppers [Greatest Hits] 4/5 - hmm, might move the rating down to 3/5 on this one.
  6. I'm Just a Lucky So and So - Ella Fitzgerald [Flying Home] 3/5 - I love Ella.
  7. I Can't Smile Without You - Barry Manilow [no album] 2/5 - see, I told you there was crap on here.
  8. I Could Never Take The Place of You - Prince [Ultimate Prince] 3/5 - one of the most talented musicians ever to cross this planet. Average song though.
  9. The Last Resort (Live) - Eagles [Hell Freezes Over] 3/5 - a 'song with a meaning'. They should have stayed away from protest songs.
  10. Je Te Veux - Vaya Con Dios [The Promise] 3/5 - wow, another surprise. Didn't realise just how much Vaya Con Dios I have on this iPod.

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