Wednesday, 18 June 2008

A change is as good as a break

Apparently, a change is as good as a break. I'm not entirely convinced. However, I'm all for variety; when it comes to online stuff, I'm easily amused and have a short attention span. I used to change my computer's wallpaper daily, having downloaded a whole selection from various websites. Now I find that my Mac laptop will do it automatically every hour. All I have to do is tell it where to look!

Last week, I copied all my images from my PC onto my Mac and set it up on an hourly cycle. Images I forgot I even had are now rotating and giving me daily variety. So where did I get them all from? Two sites that are free to use and have a huge range are (just make sure you include the 's' - without it, you'll get wallpaper of the original kind), and (again, remember the 's'). They both do screen savers, too, as well as a range of animated wallpaper, but that just drives me nuts.

Here's a small version of a new one I've downloaded and absolutely love:

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