Sunday, 15 June 2008

Two Souls

Last night, we went for dinner at Two Souls Bistro in Wakefield Street. The hearts and lovey dovey décor initially scared me as I walked past, but this turned into a very cosy atmosphere as the restaurant filled up.

The food was excellent and couldn't be faulted. We somehow chose a bit of a seafood theme; we started by sharing an entrée of scallops and roti bread, then each had fish (bluenose) for the main course. Mine was the fish of the day, served with crushed Parmesan cheese and sundried tomatoes, and my sweetie had blackened Cajun fish with chips.

Our dessert order somehow managed to get lost but, upon noticing us waiting, the maître d’ did not hesitate to offer us complementary coffees as compensation, which we really appreciated. When dessert did arrive (chocolate cake and chocolate truffle torte), we were not disappointed - a perfect way to end an impeccable meal with excellent service.

Two Souls offers a main for a main with the Entertainment Book gold card. Check out their great reviews here and here.

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