Saturday, 28 June 2008

Muppet Babies

A friend started sending me muppets on Facebook recently, and it got the ball rolling. Everybody could do with a muppet or three to brighten their day. :-) It's the usual trick of unlocking different muppets once you've sent so many, and you can collect the whole set. So far, I have received Baby Gonzo, Baby Kermit, and Beaker (me me me meeee). But what's with all these baby muppets? They're kind of cute and all, but not a huge part of muppet culture ... until I remembered the adorable animated series of Muppet Babies from the mid-80s.

We got to meet Scooter's twin sister, Skeeter (whatever happened to her?). Bunsen still looked like an old man. I remember Nine Take Away One Equals Panic, where poor Fozzie thought he was being cast out of the nursery, but of course Nanny wouldn't do that - she was talking about the chair he was sitting on! Did Piggy ever become "the first farmer in history to figure out a way to grow an ice cream tree"?

It's Saturday morning now, and that's when the Muppet Babies were in their glory, so here's a flashback from our weekends growing up.

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