Saturday, 7 June 2008


Fidel’s is something of an institution in upper Cuba St in Wellington. In my youth, I spent many a late night sipping strong long blacks out the back of the café, while freezing my butt off and sitting on wobbly stools underneath a ram’s head. Old age has meant that my beverage of choice at night is now a trim hot chocolate, sipped inside in their expanded and renovated indoor area, but either way, Fidel’s has always and will hopefully always remain as it is.

I know someone who organises pudding dates with her girlfriends, and apparently Fidel’s is a firm favourite with them. I’m not entirely sure why; the coffee (Havana) is good, but their counter cakes are often hit and miss. The chocolate cake (especially the icing) was in good form the other night though, as my sweetie and I shared a piece to go with our hot chocolates. Check out their website.

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