Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Borat - "Come to Kazakhstan, it's nice!"

The other night, we spent an evening with Borat (2006). Better late than never, I know. I've long been a fan of the wit of Sacha Baron Cohen. Now I know that he's an absolute comic genius.

We loved it! Too many highlights (and embarrassing cringe moments) to single any out. The deleted scenes, including an incredibly tedious exploration of a supermarket shelf from an extremely patient supermarket owner, were really funny. The footage from Borat's publicity tour, especially Conan O'Brien's interview, were also highlights.

I see from my flagcounter that my blog has had three visitors from Kazakhstan. I wonder what they think of this parody of their country? Of course, the parody was largely focused on the US and A, but will this truly come across to all of Borat's viewers?

I really wish we had watched this at our movie night on Saturday, as planned, rather than the awful Deliverance (1972); it started going downhill as soon as the "Duelling Banjos" scene was over (right at the start!). If only everyone had instead listened to Borat when he said "come to Kazakhstan, it's nice!".


Donna said...

I'd be intrested to hear too. I thought it was hilarous!

Nisha said...

that's so cool that you're a fan of sacha baron cohen! he's so incredibly smart. my hubby and i are known to say "that's cheese....that's also cheese" when we're looking through the cheese section at the store" good stuff :)

Nisha said...

oh, one more thing. my brother (who's a HUGE fan and even dressed up like ali g at school one day) said he went to see this on opening day and a couple of old women walked out very confused. they thought it was a documentary or something. haha, i'm surprised they stayed until the end!

Random Thoughts said...

There were several lawsuits including the people of Kazahkhstan. I don't know if any of them have had their "day in court". The Frat brothers drunk on the bus were also some of the people with a lawsuit. Personally I thought it was funny, but I wish Cohen would have treated the people of Kazahkhstan better when filming there.