Saturday, 13 September 2008

Duffy - Rockferry

I finally bought this album, after promising myself I would for several weeks. Rockferry, by Welsh singer/songwriter Duffy (aka Aimee Anne Duffy) was first released in March 2008.

Duffy's story is an interesting one. She had aspects of the obligatory traumatic childhood, spurred on by her parents' divorce and an alcoholic stepfather's ex-wife. (Still following me here?) I am intrigued that she dropped her first names personally professionally from the age of 19 and simply goes by her surname now. She also has a twin sister, Katy. Hmm, what would happen if Katy also dropped her first names? Or doesn't she have that option now that her twin has bagged their surname as her own?

There was something about "Mercy", the first track I heard on the radio, that immediately caught my attention. This song was new and fresh, and in a style reminiscent of yester-year. The rest of the album is fresh pop by nature, not particularly outstanding, but very pleasant and has struck a chord with listeners the world over. It's very enjoyable and currently doing overtime in my car stereo. I look forward to hearing what Duffy comes up with next.

You can watch the official videos for Mercy and Warwick Avenue on YouTube (no embed code available).

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