Saturday, 27 September 2008

Royal India

We had a group dinner at Royal India in Allen St last night. (Two Indian group dinners in one week? Ah well!) It's always great to together and share a meal with friends.

So, here's my take on our dinner. First up, it seems like lamb is not the best choice here. I tend to order lamb at restaurants, as I seldom cook it myself (it's sooooo expensive here now). Ours was tough, overcooked, and probably not a good cut of meat to begin with. A quick scan through some other reviews shows that others seem to share our opinion. We ordered our curries to be medium-hot; they were very sweet, mild (at best), and largely tasteless. Considering that our dishes were promisingly labelled 'chef's specialty' and 'must try', I'm wondering about the standard of the rest of the menu.

And now the service. It becomes very awkward when waiting staff serve food in a manner which resembles a lolly scramble. For example, a fish dish was announced. We said we'd ordered chicken, to which the waitress said "yes", and handed over what was supposedly fish a few seconds ago. Hmmm. Reasonable prices, though, and a 25% discount with the Entertainment Book voucher helped soften the experience.

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