Tuesday, 2 September 2008

My kiwi music favourites

While I was searching YouTube for a version of Gutter Black by Hello Sailor for yesterday's post, I came across some other kiwi songs. I got to thinking about which New Zealand songs made it to the top of my 'favourite' playlist on my iPod. Here's a selection, and a trip down the New Zealand music charts of yesteryear.

Tears - Jenny Morris
I love the bass, piano, and endless key changes in this 1990 remake of Jenny's band's original version (by The Crocodiles, from Wellington).

Victoria - The Exponents
Takes forever to build up and simply prolongs the perfection.

Sitting Inside My Head - Supergroove
Saw them live last year on their reunion tour. Whooooaaahhhhhh - HOT!

Honorable Supergroove mentions:
Can't Get Enough
You Gotta Know

I Hope I Never - Split Enz
Brilliant songwriting and piano playing here.

Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House
Quite simply, a perfect song. Was really disappointed when they screwed around with the organ solo during their concert last year.

Slipping Away - Max Merritt and the Meteors
Some great old-time stuff. I remember this being on a compilation tape(!) my dad made years ago.

The Bridge - Deane Waretini
This is one for pure nostalgia. My grandparents wanted it played at their 60th wedding anniversary, and we hunted high and low for a copy of the song. Sooooo glad we did, as it now reminds all the grandchildren (18 of us) of that special occasion in the years since they both died.

You Oughta Be In Love - Dave Dobbyn
My favourite solo Dave Dobbyn offering.

Magic What She Do - DD Smash
Even though DD Smash wasn't Dave Dobbyn's best-known band, for me this is one of the ultimate 'feel good' songs.

Sensitive To A Smile - Herbs
Ohhh ... for some reason, every musician I've ever played with loves this one, yet doesn't want to tackle playing it with their own bands. Beautiful. A shame it was butchered for a series of TV ads.

So what do you think? Any of your favourites here? Or songs you haven't heard before?


Donna said...

those are all intresting!

Kelly said...

I have a deep abiding love for all things Crowded House so my ipod top 25 played is stacked with songs from them and the Enz (and I have been lucky enough to see both bands reunited and in concert in the last year)

One of my FAV 80s kiwi songs was "Sweet Lovers" by the Holiday Makers. Seeing you put clips up from youtube inspired me to go ahunting and I was stoked to find it on there! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AO-9W9iSsqk

Kelly said...

Oh and Are You Old Enough by Dragon!!!

Kelly said...

Does Venus by the Feelers count? Or is it too recent? I :hearted: that song when it came out, sometime around the year I was 4th form I think.

Kelly said...

Oh this is so much fun!! Apologies for spamming up your entry! Promise this is my last one...."Nobody Else" by Rikki Morris and Tex Pistol. *swoon*

Café Chick said...

LOL - I thought you might enjoy this, Kelly. I love "Sweet Lovers" (local Wellington band) and my new band are going to play this song as our opening number. In a previous band, we played "Are you old enough" and that very nearly made it onto my 'top' list.

Unfortunately, I have to disagree with you about "Venus" *ducks to avoid object thrown by Kelly and goes back to YouTube* LOL